Band Bio

Pat - Bass guitar, Vocals


Pat has been playing since 1977.  Enjoys most forms of music except extreme genres.  50's _ 90's pop rock are a favorite.  Studies guitar, piano and voice.

Equipment most often used:  Peavy T-40 and Fender Precision basses.  Gallien-Krueger Backline 210, dual speakers bass amp.  Several electric and acoustic guitars.

Joe - Drums/percussion, Vocals, Harmonica, Maker of strange noises


Playing in many Bands since 11 years old, too many to list. Currently with Tanglewood for 30 years. The latest incarnation of the same band basically.

Personal Likes are any Music from the 40's Big Band, 50's Rock and Roll, just about any thing from the 60's that I can remember and can play anything from the 60's up to current day material.  My major strength is to be versatile. 

Civil War rope tension drummer on board the USS Constellation at Baltimore's Harbor, will play for either side, whoever needs a drummer, and at most of the major battlefields and reenactments of the Civil War and Fort McHenry.  All as Fife and Drum.

Equipment most often used:  Ludwig Drums, 2 Full sets, with assortment of cymbals to fit the various sounds of the band and percussion instruments, tubes (perhaps made by Mattel or Hasbro), Martin acoustic guitars, Epiphone semi-hollow - cherry red.

Chuck - Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic guitar and Harmonica


Chuck is one of those musicians you envy because he's proficient on so many instruments.  This gives us lots of flexibility in our song selections.  Besides the instruments listed, he has also played trumpet, sax, mandolin and violin.

Equipment most often used:  Roland JUNO-DI, M-AUDIO, Yamaha keyboards, Roland amps, Ovation acoustic guitars, Fender bass, Fender Strat.

Chuck has been performing regularly in cover and originals bands since 1984.

Rick - Electric/Acoustic guitar, Lead vocals


Rick has been performing live throughout Maryland since 1977 (yup - high school).  Enjoys a variety of music styles, most prominently progressive rock and styles featuring excellent guitarists.

Equipment most often used:  PRS Custom 24, Carvin CT4 and DC127 electric guitars, Line 6 JTV-59 modeling electric guitar, Taylor 322CE & Taylor 356ce 12-String, PRS SE Angelus acoustic guitars, Blackstar HT Club 40 and Roland AC-90 amps, and far too many pedals to list.